365 Day Photography Challenge

I believe that my biggest problem with myself is my inability to stop procrastinating. So, with that said, I am challenging myself to take the 365 Day Photo Challenge. I tried this last year and of course, procrastinated and only got as far as 10 days in. :/ This is a very personal challenge for me, I know it’s going to be tough but that’s why they call it a challenge, right?

Happy New Year, Everyone! 




Human Impact

Possibly a new series that I’ll be working on. We were told to make a Still-Life in y drawing class and when I started I just couldn’t stop. This is the photograph that came of it. Open to interpretation of course.


Boogeymen, They’re Just Like Us

My most recent series this year. Depicting the Boogeyman in his own life being exactly like us. Getting into trouble, cooking, peeking at Christmas presents. It just goes to show that even if someone is different, we are all the same.


Little White Dress


This series was an expansion off of my Little Black Dress series that I had done a year or two earlier. Combining both of these series made an incredible series as a whole. This series is never ending and I hope to to continue expanding on both of them.



Phobias: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.


In the immortal words of Joshua Hoffine, I want to show the viewers the things they are afraid of looking at.

Little Black Dress

This series was done in 2014. Open to interpretation. LBD takes the viewer on a journey through self-awareness and self-appreciation. The photographs can be interpreted many different ways and with a wide variety of emotions throughout.